Jussie Smollett ‘Empire’ Star Sentencing – Victim Impact Statements

Personal Injury Lawyer: How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting modes of transportation but provide the least amount safety. A motorcyclists greatest threat is other drivers. We offer some motorcycle safety tips and also some legal advice about what to do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

The Necessity for Proper Equipment Maintenance in the Oil and Gas Industry

When one considers the monstrous size and power of the machines used in the oil and gas industry, it comes as no surprise that proper equipment maintenance is the primary factor in avoiding workplace accidents. The tragic Deepwater Horizon spill and explosion that killed 11 and injured 17 is a testimony to the damage that equipment failure and maintenance issues can cause, and there are specific steps that must be taken to avoid this type of disaster.

Workers’ Comp Reforms in New York Still Haven’t Cut Costs

The state of New York underwent significant workers’ compensation reforms in 2007, and these measures promised to add benefits to employees in the form of an increase in the maximum weekly benefit and more. The reforms were also intended to bring major provisions for employers, but this has not fully taken place.

Things You Must Be Aware of While Filing the Medical Negligence Claims

Claiming compensation for medical negligence is must, as it is the compensation only that allows the victim to recover from the immense losses to which he or she has been subjected. The medical negligence solicitors provide the necessary guidance to the claimants in this regard.

Things You Need To Know About Extravasation Injuries

An extravasation injury results when there is a leaking of fluid into the tissues that surround the area of the injection site for an IV or there is an accidental injection of fluid into this area. An extravasation injury is a very serious complication that is associated with IV drug administration and can cause serious harm to patients and can be fatal in some cases. It is because of this seriousness that it is extremely important to diagnose the injury properly and promptly.

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