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How YOUR Firm Can Off-Set the PI Fixed Recoverable Cost Reduction

The upcoming referral ban and the reduction in fixed recoverable costs due to kick in from April 2013. UK solicitor firms practising PI are currently planning how they will survive the shifting legal landscape. An extra income stream may be just the answer firms are looking for.

The Responsibilities of Owners in Ensuring Health and Safety at Work

The common notion about key responsibility and role of a business organization is profit maximization. There is actually nothing wrong with the notion when it comes to market scenario and efforts of a company in making its presence more prominent. However, in case of internal care a newer dimension is added to the scenario, which in terms of modern management is called human resource or caring for the workforce. Though there are very limited examples of people working for an organization are coming to the forefront, in reality the workers are key factors behind organizational prosperity.

Injury Claims – How To Deal With Your Insurance Company Following A Road Traffic Accident

This article looks at the best way to deal with your insurance company after you have had a road traffic accident. It discusses the information that you will need and what to do if you have been injured in the accident.

Geriatric Patients and Personal Injuries in Health Care

A lot of issues surround the concept of care for geriatric or elderly patients. The provision of continual support for the overall health and well-being in a holistic manner which constitutes the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects for this particular age group is indeed worthy of note and consideration. One of the very aims of the health sector is not only to aid in the treatment of the condition itself but also to alleviate symptoms which would actually improve the quality of life for individuals. It is worth mentioning that the area of care surrounding geriatric patients is not thoroughly understood and is often neglected. As a consequence, the quality of care may be substandard or poor.

Challenges Relating to Head Injury Cases

Personal injury cases pertaining to the neurologic system pose a challenge to both attorneys and juries for the reason that these types of cases involve thorough explanation and investigation most especially if the type of brain injury produces none or rather only few, vague, and indistinct manifestations in the victim. Due to the complexity these types of cases concern, most of the time services of neurologists and neuropsychologists are sought. These professionals perform diagnostic evaluation on the victim to prove the existence of the specified neurologic condition such as Computed Tomography Scanning, Positron Emission Tomography, Electroencephalography, Mental Status Examination and other diagnostic exams.

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