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Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

When you have incurred the damages of a fender bender in a parking lot outside of the supermarket, you will likely be able to simply exchange insurance information with the other driver involved, and then make a claim to get the scratches and dings repaired. It seems like a fairly straightforward process: Accident + Claim = Resolution.

Auto Injury Lawyer: 3 Things to Look for in Personal Injury Claims Attorney

Finding a car accident claim attorney can be a difficult task. Learn which 3 things you should focus on when trying to get the highest accident insurance settlements.

Slip and Fall Injury – Its Common Causes and What You Should Do

Slip and falls are probably one of the leading causes of most cases of personal injury. Although slips and falls are regarded by many people as a trivial thing that happens ordinarily in daily life, slip and falls can lead to catastrophic impact on an injured person. For instance, there have been cases when permanent injury to the spinal cord occurs, making the victim incapacitated all throughout his life. On this note, slips and falls should not be treated lightly when they happen to you or your loved one.

Are Your Children Safe On Orange County Amusement Park Rides?

With schools closed for spring break, many children are visiting amusement parks in Orange County. Southern California is second only to New Jersey in the number of amusement parks and carnivals located in the area. However, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the incidence of serious injury sustained at amusement parks has doubled over the last ten years, explains a local attorney. Not long ago, a 13-year-old boy died after suffering for almost ten years from the injuries he received in an accident at Disneyland.

Why You Should Go to a Car Accident Lawyer ASAP After a Road Accident

Though car accidents sometimes take place because of dangerous weather, quite often the cause is manufacturing defects, driver error, or negligence. Irrespective of the cause, crashes are always harrowing experiences for those involved and their family members. One of the things that you should not forget to do in spite of stress is contact a car accident lawyer.

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