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What Is an Injury Claims Calculator?

Personal injury claims is an area that remains in the dark for most of the British public. The amount of awareness and knowledge on the subject is low, and this in many cases has stopped those who are entitled to claim, in doing so. There are thousands of personal injury solicitors throughout the UK and many work hard to promote the awareness of injury claims. One way that this is achieved is through an injury claims calculator service.

Work Accident Compensation: No Win, No Fee Lawyers Overview

The risk of suffering an injury at work becomes, sadly, a reality for many workers every year. Employers are supposed to ensure a safe working environment for their employees, along with training on health and safety measures for them and their colleagues, and providing the right quality equipment designed to minimize risks. If the employer fails to do so and a work accident happens, work accident compensation can be claimed by the employees affected, but it’s often a complex legal process that most often involves a lawyer. The cost of the lawyer can be sometimes prohibitive, making it impossible for the affected worker to get compensated for the work accident.

What To Do If You’re In An Accident

Looking at what you should do if you’re in an accident. Includes getting insurance information and filing a police report.

Legal Funding: Post-Settlement Vs Pre-Settlement

Imagine this scenario: You are driving to work in the morning with coffee in hand and your briefcase on the seat next to you. You’ve heard on the radio that traffic is a bit slow this morning so you pay extra attention to the road to make sure you aren’t caught by surprise. Sure enough, you see a slow-down ahead, so you apply the brakes and reach down to take a sip of coffee.

Auto Accident Brain Injuries: Advice for Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain injury is a very serious and very real injury, yet it is very difficult for attorneys to prove in court. Juries cannot “see” a brain injury, and the diagnostic testing will often be normal, even when the impairments are disabling. There are also important facts about new medical tests as well as the connection between depression, fatigue and brain damage that brain injury lawyers should know.

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