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Some Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

As an attorney who handles truck accident cases across the United States, I have represented truck accident victims and their relatives for a variety of reasons. In this article, I’ll describe some of the causes of truck accidents, starting with systemic causes and moving to more individualized causes.

Bicycle Accident Claims And The Duty To Take Reasonable Care For One’s Own Safety

All road users have a duty of care not to cause harm or damage to others or to another person’s property. The duty of care that is owed by a cyclist is no different to that owed by a vehicle driver or motorcyclist, except that because more harm and damage can be caused by a driver of a motor vehicle than would a motorbike or bicycle, there is a higher degree of care required.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Solicitor

Being injured in a road accident, work accident or whilst out in public can have huge consequences to your life both personally and financially. If you have been involved in such an accident and it was due to the fault of another party then you can claim compensation through an accident claim. It is there for vital that you seek the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor. But how do you know with solicitor to go with?

Claims For Compensation For Whiplash Injury

Accident Claims for whiplash injury has been in the spotlight over the last 12 to 24 months due to the rapid increase in the number of claims. In this article I want to focus on the main issues involved in bringing a claim for whiplash injury as I’ve already previously addressed in a separate article the issue of whether there is any merit in the insurance industry’s latest attack on solicitors and personal injury claims generally in respect of the rise in car insurance premiums.

Open Those Deep Pockets – The Joint and Several Liability Doctrine – And How It Surprises Juries

The Deep Pockets Doctrine enables a plaintiff’s attorney to target a defendant who can pay the entire sum of a jury award, just by convincing the jury that the financially able party is responsible for the negligence in any percentage. If a jury finds one defendant 99% responsible for the accident, a defendant who is found only 1% negligent may wind up paying the entire verdict.

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