Johnny Depp Testifies Under Direct Exam – Part One (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

South Carolina Tort Reform: Reducing “Frivolous” Lawsuits or Political Special Interest Victory?

The general public is to believe that tort reform is to reduce the frivolous law suits, from failing and having to fire thousands of workers. What are the facts? Is the number of law suits on the rise? Are insurance companies going bankrupt?

When Is an Accident Not A Claimable Accident In Claims For Compensation for Personal Injury?

As might well be expected, when it comes to paying out damages for loss or compensation, an insurance company will only do so if there is a legal or contractual entitlement. Naturally, therefore the question of whether a claim for compensation for injury sustained in an accident is indeed an accident, is important because it will determine whether or not an injured party is entitled to receive a payment from the insurance company.

Things to Know About Filing Your Injury Claims

You may have personal injury claims if you were involved in an automobile accident, if you were injured at work, or if you were injured on commercial or personal property by a fall or other form of injury. As long as you can prove negligence on behalf of the offending party, you have a case. Some people choose to negotiate with insurance companies themselves, but it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Important Information to Know Before Starting a Birth Injury Lawsuit

If your child was injured during birth through the fault of a medical professional, you need to consult with a medical malpractice attorney who can litigate your child’s birth injury lawsuit. Malpractice causing birth injuries can have devastating effects on your family and you may have a right to recover against a negligent doctor, but before an action can be started here is some important information to know…

Can A Defendant That Admits Liability To An Accident Compensation Claim Later Retract And Defend?

If this pre-action process goes well, the parties may reach early terms of settlement and in some cases the Defendant will make an early admission on responsibility (liability) for the accident. The only issue then left to be resolved in the question of damages or compensation (quantum) that the Claimant ought to be entitled to recover along with any particularly losses incurred such as loss of earnings.

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