Johnny Depp Testifies Under Direct Exam – Day 2, Part Two (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

A Work Accident Claim For Unsafe System of Work

Let’s say that you worked as a teacher for a school for children with learning disabilities. You’re assaulted by a child at the school causing you to suffer a detached retina, psychological injury leading to agoraphobia and depression, and as a result you’re unable to return to work. You have an unblemished teachers record and no previous history of depression.

Common Cases Handled by Brain Injury Lawyers

Hiring a lawyer may be the single most important decision for brain injury survivors and their families. When a person becomes brain injured, the entire family suffers with injuries which can be financially, medically and emotionally draining.

Auto Accident Checklist and Procedures

This is a day by day discussion of what to do after an automobile accident. There are critical things to do, and not to do. Mistakes can not only affect the amount of money you obtain, but can adversely affect your health! Many people don’t fully understand the need to address things properly and early on. Read on, and protect yourself!

Personal Injury Claims: All You Need To Know About Injury Claims

You are entitled to claim compensation, if you have suffered an injury due to an accident. Having the knowledge about your rights and an understanding on how the system works will give you a better chance of getting what you lawfully deserve.

Elevator Accidents and Civil Lawsuits

Elevators are an essential component of American architecture. Unfortunately, when elevators are improperly maintained or when they fail to function properly they can cause serious and life-threatening accidents for their passengers.

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