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Benefits of Making a Back Injury Claim With a Personal Injury Solicitor

A back injury claim can be extremely painful and can result from a number of various activities including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, through to slips, trips and falls. Car accidents tend to be one of the most common causes of back injuries and instructing a personal injury solicitor to deal with your claim has many benefits.

Contributory Negligence in Work Accident Claims

Unlike with road traffic accident claims where it is usually relatively easy to assess contributory negligence by referring to previous case law and established practice, such as a 25% reduction for not wearing a seat belt (if it would have made a difference), work accident claims are much more problematic to assess. So in workplace accident claims, assessment of contributory negligence tends to be based more on experience and one’s intuition rather than an established recognized formula.

Bus Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Although rarely talked about, bus accidents can and do happen. When innocent pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists or passengers are injured in a bus accident, they may have the right to pursue compensation to cover their losses.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation System

Every year millions of workers are injured in the workplace. Fortunately, a significant percentage of workplace injuries are covered under workers’ compensation insurance in North Carolina, regardless of fault.

The New Personal Injury Claims Procedure For Claims Valued Less Than 10,000 GBP

The new accident claims procedure, which kicked into play last year (April 2010) in respect of accidents that occur after 30th April 2010, simplifies the procedure for dealing with road traffic accident claims. The focus and intent behind the new rules is to streamline the claims process, reduce costs of settlement for the vast majority of claims and encourage the parties to settle without the need for court intervention.

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