Johnny Depp Testifies On Why He’s Suing Amber Heard For Defamation

Scotland’s Proposed No-Fault NHS Compensation For Medical Negligence Claims

Scotland is currently looking at reforming its compensation system in respect of claims against the NHS in Scotland. It is currently looking at no fault systems of redress to replace the existing adversarial litigation process i.e. fault-based system of dispensing compensation. It would seem that it presently favours a system of no-fault compensation as is used in Sweden.

Things You Need To Do When Involved In Auto Accident

Auto accidents can and will happen with anyone. We can’t predict what can happen in a collision of vehicles, but by being prepared for what happens afterward may reduce stress and anxiety becoming a less traumatic experience.

The Importance of Risk Assessments In Workplace Accidents

At the core of health and safety at work and the duties of employers to keep their employees safe from harm, and any other person reasonably likely to be affected by the employers work, are risk assessments. A failure by an employer to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments and which as a result injury occurs in an accident at work, the employer is likely to be held liable to compensate the injured worker for personal injury and possibly fined for breach of statutory duty. Because of the importance of risk assessments in workplace accidents I…

Benefits of Using a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitor

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. If you have sustained an injury due to any of those circumstances, make sure you choose a no win no fee personal injury solicitor who specialises in that particular area of law.

Personal Injury: Prove and Secure a Settlement

There is personal injury when an individual’s body and emotions are harmed by another person, whether intentional or not. Most of the time, offenders will act like they have nothing to do with the injury. These injuries may be as tangible as a car accident caused by another driver who disobeys traffic laws…

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