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Accident Compensation Claim – The Reason Why Employees Avoid Filing Them Against Their Employers

Many companies recognise the importance of properly protecting their employees from injury. There are others, however, that fail to take the necessary steps to keep their workplace safe. When a work accident compensation claim is made, the reaction from employers is not always a positive one. This article will discuss some worries that people face when they decide to file an accident compensation claim at work.

Personal Injury Lawyers And What You Should Expect From Them

When people get involved in accidents and sustain injuries, they become hard pressed to make a decision on whether to hire personal injury lawyers or not. This should not be the case considering this is the only way to ensure you get the compensation you rightly deserve. Before hiring these services however, it is important to understand what you should expect from the lawyers.

Do You Need an Attorney For Your Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury attorney is one that is going to handle many different types of cases within the personal injury jurisdiction. However, with that being said, there are a few different cases that are going to be much more common. For example, auto accidents make up a huge number of cases that the personal injury attorney is going to face.

Lawsuits, Fees and Legal Funding

Lawsuits are almost always differing and the fees that are charged vary. Before you decide to enter into a legal proceeding you should consider your chances of winning, the fees and whether it’s worth your time and effort of pursuing a legal case against another.

The Typical Lawsuit in a Personal Injury Case – Part One

Many of my clients think that filing a lawsuit (also called “litigation”) is the same as going to trial. Rather, filing a lawsuit is merely the beginning stage of actually going to trial. In fact, 95% (or more) of all lawsuits filed actually settle without going to trial. Nevertheless, the litigation process can be a drawn out and tedious process. In this series of articles, I will summarize a typical litigation case from my 16 years of experience as a personal injury litigation attorney in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

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