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Seeking Help with Car Accident Claims

Car accident claims have become very popular in UK for the last few years because they have showed victims a level of uncompared fairness. 74% of all personal injury notifications in the first half of 2011 involved road traffic accidents.

Fraudulent Whiplash Claims, Compensation Culture And Nuisance Advertising and Marketing Techniques

The reality is that behind the public scene, there’s been a longstanding battle between solicitors and the insurance industry over costs since early 2000 when legal aid was removed as a source of funding in personal injury claims. Suddenly, solicitors were being asked by the Government to help victims of accidents on a no win no fee basis but allowing solicitors to recover a percentage uplift to compensate them for having to take on cases with the risk that they may not recover the costs in those cases that they lose.

Auto Accidents: Step by Step, by the Right Attorney

I want you to have some basic understandings of what an attorney should do and how an attorney should act when handling the “average”, “whiplash” automobile collision case. This article contains my opinions, based on my experience as an attorney with over 30 years of handling all measure of personal injury matters These standards certainly apply to cases involving more serious injuries.

How Expert Witness Physiotherapists Can Maximise Quantum In PI Cases

Traditionally, personal injury cases involve a report from an orthopaedic consultant or general practitioner to help establish the nature of the medical condition and its causation and prognosis. An experienced clinical physiotherapist can offer a complete understanding of the whole process from first injury right the way through to recovery. Armed with this knowledge, a more thorough and wide-ranging report can be provided that will accurately reflect the extent and timing of patient recovery – essential when considering issues of quantum and future care costs.

Federal and State Jurisdiction for Maritime Claims

The question of jurisdiction- what court or courts have the authority to hear a particular case- is one of the many complexities of admiralty law familiar to maritime lawyers. This is because state and federal courts often share jurisdiction in certain maritime claims. In other claims, a state or federal court may have exclusive jurisdiction.

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