Johnny Depp Lost $40M+ in Earnings From Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Says Examiner

Suing for Defamation of Character

If employers create any hindrance in the progress or development of an employee by giving negative references to a third party thus harming the future prospects, then it is called defamation of character. This concept is relevant in certain situations in daily life also. For example, celebrities fall a prey to false allegations of their rivals due to which their public image is affected.

Consulting A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Product Liability Case

There is always an option open for the consumers in filing a case on product liability against the manufacturers, if you as a consumer have incurred any injury while using a product and did not find any warning statement on the product. You as a consumer have every right to seek compensation from the defective party. Do not surrender yourself for such big companies, and bear for the losses. But, many companies do not accept their own fault, and instead blame the consumer for not using the product in a proper manner. Never give chance to such big companies in taking you for granted. There is always a way for proving the fact in the court of law. Consult a good personal injury lawyer, who will guide you in solving concerns related to product liability.

Shall I Accept The Accident Compensation Claim Settlement That The Insurance Company Is Offering?

Do you find yourself being pressured by an insurance company to accept an accident compensation claim that you don’t think is right. Find out here what you can do about that.

Injury on a Construction Site

Not all injuries on a construction site are the fault of the labourer. There can be a number of risks which face workers everyday, and although safety precautions would have been in place, accidents can still happen.

Prescription Drugs and DUI: Challenges to Prosecution of Suspects

Drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol are closely observed by law enforcement for any indication of intoxication. Police officers often initiate traffic stops for minor traffic violations in order to speak with the driver of the vehicle and look for signs of intoxication. If an officer detects an odor of alcohol when interviewing the driver, field sobriety and breathalyzer tests are likely forthcoming.

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