Johnny Depp Allegedly Lied About Sobriety for Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Getting Cash For An Injury Settlement

If you have recently settled an injury claim through a lawsuit settlement or judgment, you can receive cash before payment is received. We provide information on injury settlement funding.

Some Common Signs and Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

It is common to receive a brain injury and not know it, if there is no outward visible sign. But there are common behaviors and symptoms of brain injuries that can act as a warning. There are also common causes of head trauma, activities to avoid. Learn more about signs and causes of TBI here.

Distracted Driving Is the Leading Cause of Automobile Accidents in Oklahoma

In 2009, more than 36,000 people were injured or killed in car accidents in Oklahoma.  While many people think alcohol-related crashes are responsible for the most roadway fatalities, fact is, most automobile accidents are caused by distracted driving.  Alcohol was a factor in approximately 10% of injury accidents and fatality accidents in the state, but nationally, distracted driving accounts for approximately 20% of all serious accidents.

Personal Injury Attorney – Find the Best One to Suit Your Needs

A person who fights the cases of the people injured in an accident is known as a personal injury attorney. It is his job to provide evidence in the court which proves that his client was injured by the carelessness of others. He then asks the court that his client is to be compensated for his injuries. This compensation is going to come from the person who was responsible for the accident. The compensation is usually in the form of money so that the person can pay off the expenses of his treatment.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters After an Automobile Crash

Stress and emotions set in right after a car accident. Dealing with insurance adjusters, both your own insurance company’s adjuster, and the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster, are equally as stressful and oftentimes frustrating. Showing emotion and anger toward the insurance company adjusters is not the way to go. It is important that you keep your cool and understand that cooperation, rather than tension, will likely lead to a better resolution.

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