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Types of Personal Injuries

Ever been inconvenienced by other people’s negligence? You can probably file a personal injury lawsuit against the offending party. Many people in Oakland, California believe that it is their right to sue people who caused them inconvenience because of negligence.

Isolation in Nursing Homes

One of the biggest appeals of nursing homes is that they are big, open communities where elderly people can receive care and assistance while living in community with others. Often, nursing home patients become close friends with their fellow residents.

Personal Injury Attorney – Making the Right Choice

Are you in the market for a personal injury attorney? Make sure you choose the right one with these important factors.

Understanding Accidents Through the Injury Severity Score

When doctors talk about injuries in terms of severity, it may seem as this is a completely subjective judgment. However, to better understand these descriptions, one should realize that physicians use different scales to describe injuries in quick, yet meaningful, terms. For many cases involving serious accidents and automobile injuries, a person might suffer injuries that affect multiple areas of their body. To roughly gauge an individual’s situation, a doctor might employ a scale such as the Injury Severity Score, or ISS.

Work Injury Compensation – Facts That Everybody Ought To Know

In cases where you receive injuries on the job, quite often you will be eligible for work injury compensation. However, the type of settlement you are eligible to get will be determined by the nature of your personal injury and also whether or not you are protected under workers compensation. Find out whether your company is obligated to have this type of insurance.

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