“I’m a Prisoner In My Own Home” Claims Allegedly Abused Petitioner (Protection Court)

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Road Injury Claims

Thousands of people get involved in some sort of accident every year. Whether it is road accidents, slips and trips accidents, accidents in public places or work accidents, there are a large number of people who sustain injuries and financial losses as a result of these accidents.

It Is Possible To Make A Construction Site Accident Claim

People working on construction sites are six times more likely to sustain injuries whilst at work. There are rules in place which have been designed to protect the health and safety of construction site workers, but out of all the industries, the construction industry accounts for 33% of all work related accidents and fatalities.

You Can Make Construction Site Injury Claims

The construction industry is among the most dangerous industries. This is because working in the industry often involves working with dangerous equipment and hazardous substances.

Work Accident Claims Guide

When employees get involved in accidents at work, one of the major concerns they have is “will I lose my job if I make a work accident claim?” There are thousands of employees who get involved in some sort of accidents at work every year which is not their fault, but majority of them do not consider putting up an accident claim.

Personal Injury Claims: The Evidence Factor

Whether it is a broken limb or cuts and bruises, personal injuries can be traumatic and in some cases life-changing. Therefore it is important that injured parties receive the best support possible during the rehabilitation period. Personal injuries should not be suffered in silence. If the accident occurred as a result of another party’s negligence then you may want to consider making a personal injury claim. The purpose of a claim is not just to secure the best financial reward for injured parties but also to ensure that you receive the best available rehabilitation to help you resume normal activities as soon as possible.

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