“I Thought of Kate Moss & The Stairs, Then Swung at Johnny Depp” Says Amber Heard

Dog Bite Law – Do’s and Dont’s

After a dog bite what “you say” and what “you do” can screw up a good case and get you paid for your damages. Below are some simple things to do and not do after a dog bite injury.

The Prevalence Of Dangerous Driving Among Teenagers Increases

Numerous studies have suggested that immaturity and inexperience with driving increases 20 – 29-year-olds susceptibility to distractions. Additionally, a large number of teenagers are not aware of how distractions can present safety risks, according to a 2008 national survey by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in partnership with a major insurance company. Research has indicated that parents play an important role in their children’s behavior, including whether or not they drive safely.

A Warning Against Distracted Driving For American Teens

Research has repeatedly found that immaturity and a lack of experience with driving increases this age group’s risk of being distracted on the road. Additionally, many teens do not know how distractions can present safety hazards, according to a recent survey by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and a major insurance company.

Man Awarded $1.68 Mil After Scuba Instructors Leave Him At Sea

After being left at sea by scuba diving instructors, a man is awarded $1.68 Million. The scuba diving industry’s safety standards-or lack of them-for verifying that all divers have returned to a boat were partially to blame for one man’s harrowing experience at sea in 2004. An aerospace engineer from Santa Monica, 45-year-old Daniel Carlock set out on a diving expedition, only to find himself stranded 12 miles offshore from Long Beach after the dive master mistakenly documented his presence prior to the vessel’s departure for the next location.

Look For A Good Accident Attorney

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident of any sort, you have the right to be compensated for your losses, provided the accident did not occur through your faulty actions. The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on how critical your injuries are.

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