“I Don’t Care If It Takes Another 2 hours! We are getting a jury today!” – Judge Tells Defense

Information Regarding Legal Liability and Suicide

When a person commits suicide, especially a child, there could be legal consequences for the people that should have been able to prevent such tragedy. In other circumstances, there is no legal duty of care for a suicide victim.

How Much Should I Sue for Personal Injury?

What is the first step I should take if I’m injured? If you are injured, it is important to not ignore these injuries and seek medical attention. Prior to anything else should be your health.

Booking the Right Legal Team: 3 Essential Attributes

Suffering from an injury can be a devastating experience. Aside from the physical and emotional harm, dealing with medical expenses and lost wages can be overwhelming. Partnering with the right personal injury attorney can be the difference between financial relief and never fully recovering from an accident.

Learn How to Get Compensated for a Cruise Ship Injury

When someone is injured for any reason, there will be someone that is going to be responsible. There are some injuries that are going to be much worse than others. A cruise ship injury is something that could be very serious and should be compensated by the source that caused it.

How to Move Forward With a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

Slip and fall accidents are sensitive legal cases that require the help of an astute personal injury lawyer. Be sure your slip and fall injury claim is handled with care by hiring an accident attorney you can trust.

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