‘I Couldn’t Believe He Wanted To Talk About Feces’: Amber Heard Testifies in Court

Hand Signaling

Although it may not seem like the most effective means of communication compared to more technologically refined systems, hand signaling serves an important purpose on the road. Particularly for cyclists or motorists without proper lights on their vehicles, hand signaling offers the safety of a turn or brake signal without the mechanical edge of actually having these lights. While on the road, it is important for motorists to recognize and understand a hand signal when they see it.

Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcyclists get in accidents, the effects can be worse than for drivers and passenger in cars. Motorcyclists may wear helmets and protective clothing but they are still at great risk in an accident due to the lack of protection afforded by their vehicles. If you have been in an accident, it may not have been your fault. However, the expenses of accidents can be quite high if you needed medical attention or repairs for your vehicle.

What Are Dram Shop Claims?

Just about every state has a set of laws on the books that regulate how businesses sell and serve alcohol. These are often referred to as dram shop laws. The term dram shop dates back to the 18th century in England when makers of gin sold the alcohol by the dram. This created an illegal black market so that the alcohol could be sold without having to pay taxes. The modern legal system uses the term dram shop to refer to an establishment that is selling alcohol illegally. Generally, this term is applied when alcohol is being sold to minors or to individuals that are already intoxicated.

It Was Only a Small Business, But Everything Was Covered

Truck accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys are so important in today’s society. If you are considering taking a truck driving job, be sure to know the company’s policy on accidents and attorneys before you accept. Read on to learn more about my situation as a truck driver.

Why One Should Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Most people love the freedom that comes from driving a car, but few really understand that a car accident lawyer might be necessary someday. Read on to learn about my first experience with a car accident lawyer and why I’m so glad I used one.

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