How Cults Prey on Vulnerable College Students (Brian Ross Investigates)

‘Compensation Culture’ And the Genuine Claimants Who Suffer

Britain’s so called ‘compensation culture’ – a cynical phrase that the hard working community of injury lawyers would rather do without – has returned. Speaking in September this year, the government voiced its disapproval over the UK’s compensation system which Justice minister Jonathan Djanogly called ‘a racket’, but how will this affect the genuine claimant?

Winter Months Increase The Risk Of Slip and Fall Injuries

Be safe this winter season. Take precautions against slip and falls. Also, make your property safe for visitors to avoid unnecessary injuries this winter.

5 Reasons To Consider Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans In Your Lawsuit

Do you either know anyone who has or have you recently been injured and planning on filing a lawsuit? Have you sustained injuries and find yourself in need of lawsuit funding? If so, you would be encouraged to consider what millions have considered. Many have found tremendous financial relief with lawsuit loans and settlement loans. What kept you back from trying it yourself? Some dream of it, few go further. Few get serious and begin doing it. Most find some excuse or reason to shelve the idea and go no further. One can find excuses like, it is too complicated or I really don’t have time…

Automobile Accident Litigation: Overturning the Unfavorable Police Report

The Police Report is against your client. Now what? If the police report is against your client an insurance adjuster may not want to make a reasonable settlement offer. As a result the case may be difficult to resolve in a positive way for an injured client. A lawsuit may need to be filed and depositions of the witnesses, drivers, and investigating police officers taken to rebut the police report’s conclusion. If the facts justify it, it is the attorney’s job to show the insurance adjuster, a judge or jury that the police officer got it wrong.

Manual Door Closers – Do You Have an Open and Shut Case?

During the past several years I have been contacted as an expert witness many times regarding door injury claims related to manual door closers. In response to numerous inquires asking if I have published any manual door closer articles similar to the primers I have done on automatic pedestrian doors, I am offering this article for general information to assist attorneys in determining potential issues relating to manual door closer mechanisms. Manual door closers are ubiquitous. We take advantage of their service on a daily basis without usually noticing that they are in place or that they are doing their job correctly. It is when something is seriously wrong with these closers that they become blatantly noticeable and potentially dangerous. Why can door closers cause injuries?

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