“He Walked Into a Door or a Door Walked Into Him” Says Bodyguard About Johnny Depp

What Is a Legal Deposition?

If you have been involved in a car accident and have submitted an insurance claim, your personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit on your behalf. Once your case is filed and a lawsuit is initiated, you may be asked to provide a deposition. But what is a deposition? This article provides the definition, what to expect, and tips for a successful deposition.

No Fault States: Starting Car Accident Injury Claims

One of the shortcomings of living in a no fault state your insurance might cover all of your medical expenses. If you need more money, you will have to start a personal injury claim.

3 Reasons Your Workers Compensation Claim May Be Denied

There are many reasons your workers compensation claim can be denied, but we will discuss the three top reasons we see workers compensation claims denied in the state of Georgia. 1. Notice – If you are injured on the job, you are required to provide notice to your employer. 2. Medical care- If you are injured you should request medical care for your on the job injury. 3. Injured not doing your job- If injured not doing your job, you may be denied medical care as it relates to your Georgia workers compensation claim.

Lawyer Explains How You Play a Role in a Wrongful Death Case

A wrongful death case can be emotionally draining for the family of the deceased. However, there are several things that can expedite the case including contacting a lawyer immediately, recording notes, providing documents and taking objective advice.

Injury Lawyer Talks About Workplace Safety

An injury lawyer may have a difficult time winning a workers’ compensation case when the employee makes one of several mistakes. These include not taking reasonable precautions, failing to follow company policy, working under the influence, not reporting in a timely manner, and not being honest with medical personnel and following through with treatments.

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