‘He Also Showed Me His Marijuana Closet’: Witness Says Johnny Depp Always Had a Joint in His Mouth

Slip and Fall A Serious Accident With Grim Results

Slip and fall accidents may make for funny videos on YouTube but are no laughing matter to victims. Many people feel that slip and fall lawsuits are frivolous in nature and are filed by greedy individuals in search of a quick buck. Lawsuits are filed because the victims are badly hurt, possibly disabled for life or killed, because of the carelessness and neglect of others. I think that has more to do with justice than greed.

Police Chase, Hit and Run, and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Interesting story of a man that goes on a police chase and starts to hit cars for fun along the way. Find out what happens.

Common Work Accidents in Various Types of Workplaces

Each type of workplace has a tendency to be prone to certain kinds of recurrent accidents. Like a construction site is prone to trip and fall, head injuries, etc. Each kind of injury has a different disabling effect on the accident victim. Here are some common accidents related to certain work sites.

Find The Correct Auto Accident Attorney!

According to the police records for every 10 seconds an average of one person meets with a motor vehicle accident in United Stats of America, and for every 12 minutes one of them dies. We find more than 6 million police-reported vehicle accidents every year in United States of America. Most of them are caused by using Alcohol or illegal drugs. Another reason for such incidents is disobeying traffic signals and speed limits.

Information on Personal Injury Claims and How To Choose a Lawyer for the Job

Personal injury in the eyes of the law is any accident that happens without your own fault. This kind of person injury usually is concerned with vehicles but the damage sustained to you due to the fault of the owner of any property you are within also comes under the banner of personal injury. As a citizen you can take legal action against the person that has caused you damage.

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