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Handling a Loved One’s Personal Injury Case

If someone you love has suffered from a personal injury, they may not be in a capacity to handle to handle their own case themselves. They will need someone to represent them throughout the process of filing. While a personal injury lawyer can do many things on behalf of the injured person, a person who is severely injured or traumatized may not be fit to engage in conversation, even with his or her own attorney. In addition, someone who may be feeling weak and vulnerable may wish only to communicate with a family member, or someone that they love and trust. The responsibilities of filing for a claim may then fall to you; it will be your job to interact and communicate with a personal injury lawyer on your loved one’s behalf.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation 101: A Summary of the Benefits an Injured Worker May Receive

Below is a summary of the benefits an injured worker may be eligible to receive under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Read more…

Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help In Quick Settlement

If you are currently looking for a personal injury lawyer, then heading online can be one of the best moves you can make. This is because you will no doubt want to hire a Colorado personal injury lawyer that can properly represent you in court and not one who has little experience.

Doctors Who Read MRIs

Doctors who read MRIs and the risks with those who don’t. I was running with an attorney 2 weeks ago. bout 5 miles in she said something profound. She said “People don’t understand that words have meanings.” I immediately started to think about an article I read in SPINE (a professional research journal). They did research on MRI reports of disc herniations. They concluded that “the specific morphology (shape) of the herniation was not reported by the radiologist in 42.2% of the cases.”

What You As A Personal Injury Client Should Know

What you as a personal injury client should know. Here are some things that an Attorney will expect from you as a new client.

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