GA v. Demarcus Little Trial Day 1 – Pretrial Hearing Part 1

Whiplash Sufferers Look to the East for Inspiration

A look at what types of Chinese remedies can help suffers of whiplash. This includes modern and traditional methods used.

CHP Comes Up With a Plan to Lessen Accidents

At a recent conference, police officers gathered together to discuss how professional truck drivers can create a safer driving experience and not hurt other motorists. The program was created by two California Highway Patrol officials. A unit supervisor and an officer who does a lot of work with education programs in general in 13 California counties were the officials who represented the guidelines and the California Highway Patrol.

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Out-Of-Court Settlement?

Yes you do! While some people wait until their cases is going to court to hire a personal injury lawyer. This mistake can be very costly; you may end up spending a significantly greater amount of time and effort, not to mention legal fees, before you manage to settle your case.

An Explanation of Specific Loss Benefits in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law

An injured worker is entitled to works’ compensation whenever they suffer a loss of a body part, a loss of hearing, or a loss of vision. This article provides an explanation of the benefits, and number of weeks of benefits, an injured worker can expect to receive when they sustain a specific loss in Pennsylvania.

Deciding to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Deciding upon legal action against another party after a debilitating accident is stressful and because accidents sometimes occur where no one will take the blame, lawsuits become necessary. Not every citizen has a lawyer on speed dial however, and few people have sought out a personal injury lawyer before they actually need one.

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