FULL Alec Baldwin Police Interview About Rust Shooting Incident

Personal Injury Cases 101

There are a lot of things that you need to know about personal injury cases, particularly when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Personal injury cases are incredibly important for anyone who has been injured and wants to get compensation from the person who caused the injury.

How to Settle a Bodily Injury Claim Without an Attorney

Obtaining an attorney to settle a bodily injury claim is not always necessary. See in this article tips in ensuring you are well equipped to deal with an insurance adjuster without attorney involvement.

Five Things Lawyers Should Know About Lawsuit Funding

Recently, I was asked what benefits a lawsuit funding company can offer attorneys who represent clients in need of pre settlement loans.  That is, clients who have an immediate need for cash but who have already exhausted or otherwise do not have other avenues of cash currently available to them.

Personal Injury Claim 101

Personal injury claims are the best way to protect yourself financially after sustaining an injury from someone else’s actions or lack thereof. There are many things that you should know before filing a claim these include some laws and tricks for winning the court case.

The Defense Base Act – Scheduled and Unschedule Injuries

The Defense Base Act (“DBA”) provides workers’ comp benefits to civilian employees and private military contractors injured while working outside the U.S. on bases or working for a company under a U.S. Government contract for national defense or for public works. The majority of claims today result from injuries sustained while working overseas in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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