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Has Someone You Know Been Injured In A Pool Accident?

Accidents involving swimming pools happen at an alarming rate all over the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately three thousand five hundred people die each year because of drowning in pools.

Have You Been Hospitalized Due to Mercury?

Exposure to mercury can cause permanent damage to many parts of the body including the kidneys and brain. This chemical can also pose serious risks to pregnant women as it can be quite harmful to developing fetuses. Babies in the womb who are exposed to mercury have a greater possibility of having mental retardation, delays in learning to walk, delays in learning to talk, a lack of coordination, and various other types of developmental problems.

Are You The Victim of Creosote Exposure?

Creosote is a type of wood preservative that is commonly used to treat a variety of wood products including items such as outdoor fencing materials, telephone poles, and railroad ties. The substance is used to help prevent wood from rotting and becoming structurally weak when exposed to the elements.

Steps To Take Following Slips And Trips At Work

A large number of work injury claims are made because of slips and trips than any other cause. In fact, slips and trips are among the most common workplace accidents which affect millions of workers every year.

Looking To Make A Work Injury Claim? Find Out What You Can Claim For

Injuries at work are quite common, but most of the time, people are unsure about whether they have a claim or not. Most people also don’t know what they can claim for and how much compensation they may be able to obtain.

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