Former Cybercriminal Talks Getting Caught by the FBI & Breaking Out of Prison

Common Steps For Better Accident Claims

There can be various reasons responsible for the car accidents; it can be negligence by the drivers, rash driving, or driving under the influence of banned or lethal drugs. Whatever may be the reason, the result is always fatal.

What Are the Common Issues When Dealing With a Personal Injury Case?

Below are some common issues I have seen throughout my career in handling personal injury cases. Although they represent the most common issues that arise, there are many other circumstances that can effect the proper handling of a personal injury claim. This posting is intended to highlight the importance of consulting a lawyer in order to avoid the many traps and pitfalls that can be devastating to your injury claim.

Journal Writing – Health and Healing

I have seen first hand the power of Journal Writing. Personally, I have journaled for 25 years, writing things one year that I might never have remembered the next. In busy and hectic times, when our minds are full, Journal Writing invites us to write how things affect us as a way of making our way through it. During my 10 years of coaching clients in how to keep Journals, they have found a trusted friend in the blank page; one who will holds every thought and emotion they could ever experience.

Should I Make A Claim For Whiplash?

Road traffic accidents can happen at anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, we can never prepare ourselves nor predict the circumstances when incidents occur.   You may be a safe driver, but not everyone on the roads drives safely.

Car Accident – How to Seek Legal Help?

In a matter of seconds, lives can change because of a car crash accident. Suddenly, you have medical treatments and pain.

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