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Personal Injury Claim – Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to making an injury claim, there are numerous decisions you will have to make. Your decisions will have a critical bearing on your injury claim and whether or not you are able to recover fair compensation.

Claiming Compensation Following A Personal Injury

Millions of people get hurt in accidents around the world every year. Whether it is at home, school, work, hospital or a public place, accidents affect a large number of people. In some cases, accidents are caused as a result of negligence.

Personal Injury Claims – Questions and Answers

Personal injury claims are not simple and they must always be submitted with the assistance of specialist injury lawyers. The exact route an injury claim takes from the outset to settlement varies greatly and this usually depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries.

Personal Injury – What Can I Claim For?

Accidents are common, but if it occurred due to no fault, then the victim may be eligible to make an injury claim. When someone recovers from their injury following an accident that was not their fault, then the first thing they usually ask is “what can I claim for?

How To Prevent Injuries Resulting From Manual Handling Tasks

Workplace accidents are quite common and not all workplace accidents are unavoidable. By law, it is the duty of the employers to minimise risks present in the workplace. Risk assessments form an integral part of a good health and safety management plan in any workplace.

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