FL v. Robert Hayes Trial Day 6 – Prosecution Closing Arguments by Andrew Urbanak

School Bus Drivers Can Text and Drive in Some States

In the early morning hours of every school day, youngsters board a yellow and black bus and head to an exciting day at school. We rely and trust that knowledgeable and responsible school bus drivers will deliver and retrieve our children each day, with safety as their number one priority. According to the American School Bus Council, each school bus equals 36 cars, which means that children have a better chance at a safer ride to and from school rather than riding in a standard vehicle. Even the safest, most law abiding drivers are at risk for being involved in an accident with a distracted driver. Taking your children out of the backseat and on to a school bus should be a safer alternative, but recently in some states, school bus riders are at risk of being involved in an accident caused by distracted driving. The distracted driver? The trusted school bus driver.

How to Choose the Right Law Firm

Choosing the right law firm can make the difference between winning and losing a case. The right law firm with experience in the area of law you are dealing with, such as family law and employment law (such as wrongful dismissal), gives you a higher chance of the situation swinging in your favor.

What Is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed when someone else causes a death, usually as a result of negligence. The plaintiff in such a case – the person who files the lawsuit – is generally a family member of the deceased.

Product Liability And The Law

A product liability case is a lawsuit filed by a person who has been injured as a result of using some type of product. For example, a child might suffer an injury from a defective toy causing the parent to file a lawsuit. Someone might become burned by a toxic chemical in a cleaning product, a food product might cause illness when bacteria is found within it, or a car accident resulting in injuries might be caused by a defective part in a car.

Cerebral Palsy in Personal Injury Cases

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term that covers a variety of brain and nervous system disorders that cause limitations to movement. These limitations can affect the person’s ability to speak clearly and sometimes results in the inability to walk. Some of the different types of cerebral palsy include spastic, hypotonic, dyskinetic, and ataxic. Spastic is the most common.

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