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Recorded Statements After an Accident: Motorcycle Lawyer Advice

My clients often come to me with a common question: am I required to give a statement to the insurance company. The simple answer is no! In fact you should absolutely not give a statement to any insurance company until you have spoken to your attorney.

Were You the Victim of a Hit and Run Car Accident?

Your lawyer is looking out for your best interests. If you are a victim of a hit and run, chances are you have no idea who hit you. Now you have to deal with losing time off from work, in addition to paying your hospital bills. Your attorney can help protect your rights, even with your own insurance company.

Occupier’s Liability and Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Australia’s firm occupier’s liability laws make non slip floor treatment a sound investment for property owners hoping to avoid expensive negligence litigation. One of the most pressing reasons to invest in anti slip floor treatment is the strict law governing occupier’s liability in Australia. Occupier’s liability law refers to a sub-category of tort law dealing with the liability of owner-occupiers of property for injuries sustained by visitors as a result of the state of the property.

Obtain Full Case Value in Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

This article is dedicated to helping individuals understand the settlement value of their case and to provide you with the information that you need to know about your wrongful death lawsuit. Experienced and professional lawyers do not enter into the topic of the value of a wrongful death suit lightly. They put time, effort and significant resources into determining the settlement value for your case.

Personal Injury: Getting Back On Your Feet After the Accident

Life is full of challenges and at one time or another, we hear of people involved in accidents. Sometimes you can become the victim. While not all accidents can lead to personal injury, it is important to understand that if you are involved in an accident not of your own fault, then it qualifies as a personal injury and you deserve compensation from the party or person at fault.

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