FL v. Robert Hayes Trial Day 1 – Sharon Kist – Victm’s Employer

4 Tips For Choosing A Long Term Disability Lawyer

If your long term disability claim has been denied and you have lost your sole source of income, choosing the right disability lawyer can be a difficult, stressful, and confusing process. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when choosing a personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

GATE and FENCE Accidents and Injuries

Malfunctioning gates and fences can cause catastrophic and traumatic bodily injury and death. Gates and their associated operators have the potential to become deadly. Personal injury caused by defectively operating products is associated with a multitude of problems.

Requirements for Auto Accident Lawsuits

Most auto accidents generally result in personal injuries and lawsuits for pain, suffering, and loss. Every state has separate laws which may apply when dealing with an auto accident. In most cases, in order to sue the driver of an automobile for personal injuries, you must show proof of negligence.

Federal Rules of Evidence: Laying the Foundation for Medical Expert’s Testimony at Trial

The Federal Rules of Evidence and applicable case law govern the admissibility of medical expert’s testimony at court. This article will discuss the applicable rule of evidence and the related case law. This article explains how to lay the foundation for your medical expert so that the medical expert’s testimony is deemed admissible at court.

Changes in Seventh Circuit Social Security Disability Law

The Seventh Circuit recently decided a Social Security disability case and the implications of the Court’s decision are that changes are on the way that courts handle vocational expert evidence. This article discusses the implications of Browning v. Colvin on vocational expert evidence and the changes on the horizon.

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