FL v. Robert Hayes Trial Day 1 – Defense Opening Statement by Francis Shea

Hurt At Sea? Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

Were you injured on a cruise? Suing for damages can be difficult, so it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

How Does An Attorney Establish Negligence In A Personal Injury Case?

Were you injured in an accident that was not your fault? You may be entitled to a cash settlement if your attorney can prove negligence.

When To Contact A Personal Injury Law Firm

Injured in an accident that was not your fault? Find out if you should contact a personal injury law firm in this short article.

What Constitutes A Wrongful Death Claim?

The legal system is often tricky, especially when state-specific laws are taken into account. Here is a brief overview of the kinds of situations that constitute wrongful death.

Young Dog Attack Victims: Why Parents Should Hire a Dog Attack Attorney For Their Injured Child

When a child has been bitten by a dog, parents may wonder about seeing a dog bite attorney, thinking that perhaps it is not really necessary. Maybe they should try to handle the claim on their own, deal with the insurance company and not have the legal hassle of a dog bite lawsuit.

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