FL v. Curtis Reeves Trial Day 1 – Defense Opening Statement by Dino Michaels

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Settlements!

You may have questions regarding how your family or the beneficiaries go about filing a negligent death claim, and what does this type of case usually consist of? Generally speaking, it’s a personal injury accident that went haywire somewhere along the line, with tragic results. One person or any number of people may be involved.

Potential Responsible Persons in a Cruise Ship Lawsuit

The main difference here is that the ticket’s wordings are not always making a contractual responsibility on you, conditional on how it is described. When it does not meet the terms of federal law, it may not be executed with suitable legal authority. Professional maritime lawyers, on certain occasions are able to find an ambiguity in the terms and the Act that will let you to submit a lawsuit in the U.S. Accordingly, when you get poor health condition on an overseas cruise, you should ensure to talk with an experienced maritime personal injury lawyer whenever you come home.

What Should I Do If I Am in a Car Accident?

According to the statistics, there is a good likelihood that you will be involved in at least one car accident in your driving career. Knowing what to do in that situation can help ease the stress and improve the outcome of your accident.

Are You the Victim of a Vicious Dog?

If you or a family member are the victim of a vicious dog attack, you may have the right to be compensated for your injuries. This may not be the case however, if you intentionally were provoking the animal or if you were illegally trespassing on private property. If you have suffered from dog attack injuries, be sure to get the name of the pet’s owner.

Three Reasons You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you injured due to another person’s negligence? Here are three cases in which you need a personal injury lawyer.

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