FL v. Curtis Reeves Movie Theater Shooting Trial Day 5 – John Sillis – Surveillance Manager

CPP – The Pillar of Retirement Income for Canadians

In most countries around the world, the number of retired and disable citizens is increasing. With this, Pension and Insurance Plans are gaining popularity; especially among the disabled and injured community.

How to Increase the Chances to Win the Personal Injury Claims

If you are physically hurt due to the fault of somebody else, then you will certainly wish to recover your money that was spent for your medical expenses. Do you want to know how you can improve the chances of getting your claim for any kind of personal injury? This article will provide few tips that will help you make successful claims.

What Steps Should You Take To Get Compensation After Your Accident

Sometimes, vehicle accidents simply happen, no matter how much ever precautions we take. That is why our vehicles must be insured at all times. In case of an accident, we will have to spend money for treating both, ourselves and our vehicles.

Dog Fighting and The Evolution of the Pit Bull Dog Bite

Many municipalities, cities and other governments have enacted breed specific legislation against pit bulls. Here’s a brief history of the breed and its role in dog fighting to help understand this phenomenon.

Spinal Cord Personal Injury Cases

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating and cause permanent disabilities that require a lifetime of medical care and assistance. The cost can be astronomical, which is why personal injury lawsuits for spinal cord injuries often garner high settlements. In fact, it isn’t unusual for lawyers to recover $1 million or more for the plaintiff (the injured person) in spinal cord injury cases.

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