FL v. Curtis Reeves Movie Theater Shooting Trial Day 3 – Susan Miller – Forensic Investigator

Festival Fun – Stay Safe This Summer

Have you noticed them yet? I’m talking about the army of youngsters, parading the streets in their uniform of teeny tiny denim shorts, teamed with blinding neon vets tops and designer wellies. It’s festival time folks, and everywhere you look people are making their way to muddy fields all over the UK, ready to party the weekend away in a flurry of music, alcohol and all-night dancing.

Guideline for Negotiating With an Insurer for Insurance Claim

If you have prepared a well thought-out demand letter for insurance firm and attached appropriate supporting papers for your condition as well, the claim negotiation procedure will almost certainly consist of not anything more than a small number of phone discussions with a claim agent. There is a to the point guideline of how negotiations by and large work and a few suggestions to make you successful during a number of stages of the procedure.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in a Los Angeles Car Accident?

Depending on the nature of the claim and who is involved in the claim, the statute of limitations for the accident changes. Between public entities and private entities, the length of time for which the plaintiff can withhold filing a personal injury suit is six months and two years respectively. With that in mind, there are important points to remember while filing a claim.

7 Safety Tips for Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Unfortunately, aggressive drivers are becoming an increasingly dangerous hazard for travelers. Incidents of road rage are at an all time high, and many times lead to serious injury or death. Knowing how to handle an aggressive driver can help you keep you and your passengers safe. These tips may help in an encounter with an aggressive driver.

Should You Purchase GAP Insurance When Buying a New Car?

This article explains what GAP insurance is, and relevant factors to consider in determining whether or not you should purchase GAP Insurance. Many consumers don’t understand GAP insurance, and pass it up when it would be a wise investment to purchase it. Likewise, there are circumstances under which GAP insurance would be a complete waste of money. Learn what to look for when determining whether to purchase GAP insurance.

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