Family of Missing Mom Suzanne Morphew Speak Out After Charges Against Father Dropped

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get My Car Accident Compensation Claim Faster?

Have you had serious injuries as a result of an auto collision and the insurance company responsible to compensate you is taking forever to settle you car accident compensation claim? Learn some ways here to possibly speed up the process of settlement.

How Much Is Your ICBC Personal Injury Claim Worth?

As a BC personal injury lawyer, I get asked “how much is my ICBC personal injury claim worth often?” Read this in-depth article setting out how personal injury claims are assessed in BC.

What Makes Up A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most people are aware of the fact that anytime you will be in a court of law you probably will need legal representation. In the area of personal injury this attorney is known as a Personal Injury Lawyer. He or she is well trained in the area of personal injury, has a strong ethical background, and a broad based knowledge of tort law.

Avoiding Road Rage

Every year, police report to calls of serious injuries and occasionally lethal violence associated with road rage. Although the majority of drivers do not suffer from some sort of psychological disorder that may lead to severe bouts of road rage, a small enough minority makes road rage a serious concern nevertheless. However, there are a few simple ways to reduce the chances of being involved in a violent road rage incident.

Aggressive Driving Statistics

Accidents caused by aggressive driving and outbursts of road rage can be incredibly dangerous. Although many drivers become frustrated at times while behind the wheel, a certain minority actually act on these feelings. The results can range from aggressive tailgating to intentionally causing an accident. In the most severe cases, a driver may actually stop during traffic and physically attack another motorist.

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