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10 Common Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Although accidents and injuries can occur at anytime and in any place not all are worthy of making a compensation claim for. The following 10 scenarios are all common to personal injury claims, however to be certain it is worth pursuing a claim you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer first. Road Traffic Accidents: with many of us taking to the roads in our cars it is little wonder that road traffic accidents account for a high percentage of personal injury claims.

How Long Will My Lawsuit Take?

One of the first questions a person may ask his or her attorney is how long will my lawsuit take. The amount of time a lawsuit may take from reaching a settlement or going to trial will vary.

It Is Critical to Select a Vendor That Understands Healthcare Subrogation From a Legal Perspective

In the third post in this series, I explained why the most effective healthcare subrogation companies are those with experience and a proven track record. In this post, I will explain why it is so important for a healthcare subrogation vendor to understand healthcare subrogation from a legal perspective.

Which Personal Injuries Are Classed As Catastrophic, and How Do You Go About Getting Compensation?

Catastrophic personal injuries are usually best demonstrated by medical evidence and the amount of medical treatment the victim has had. These injuries are life changing and therefore a pursuit of compensation is the most important things to cover for medical bills, the costs of treatment, and any trauma suffered as a result. Legal action should be undertaken no more than three years from the emergence of symptoms from the injury.

Understanding The Stages Of A Personal Injury Claim

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim then it may be useful to understand the different stages and processes of a claim first.  Personal injury claims can be made if you have suffered injuries, harm or damages because of someone else’s negligence.  For a claim to be successful though it must be proved that the other party was 100% at fault as set out under state contributory negligence law.

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