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Car Accidents and Insurance Companies – Know Your Options

Having an accident is bad enough, but not having faith that the insurance provider will cover the damages is likely to put holes in your stomach. Car accidents and insurance companies are always mentioned in the same breathe, but insurance companies are sometimes more evil than the at-fault driver. They will do everything possible to keep that money in their account before making a massive payout for an accident.

Are You Facing A Financial Crisis? Should You Consider Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans?

A financial crisis need not keep you from pursuing your efforts to take back your life following an injury someone else caused. Maybe, it’s time to consider lawsuit loans and settlement as a means to put your financial life “back together again.”

Bicycle Riding Safety Tips On Eating and Drinking On the Bike

Whether you are a hardcore hammer or a casual rider, you have more than likely fallen into a situation that caused your heart to beat a little quicker. While there are plenty of common causes of injuries on a bike, there are just as many things people never consider. Then, when faced with the situation, they cannot handle it and end up hitting the road. Here are some of those odd circumstances you may have not considered.

What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection, also termed PIP, is insurance coverage individuals obtain that covers medical and other expenses after an auto accident (or maybe a motorcycle accident). If present, this coverage covers expenses regardless of whether the policyholder is at fault. In certain states, PIP is mandatory (those that are no-fault states), while in others it is optional.

Electrical Safety Considerations When Using a Ladder

When workers do their activities around energized power lines, there’s always a potential risk for electrical shock. When they are using a ladder, this risk is also increased, because there’s a higher possibility to reach the power lines. In this article we describe the recommendations of the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) to prevent injuries and deaths when working with ladders, especially when metal ladders are in use.

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