Deadly Shootout Between Houston Police & Alleged Carjacker (Police Bodycam)

Injured In A Car Accident? Make A Claim

Summertime means vacation for many people and this is the time when plans are made to visit friends, families and relatives in another city or state. When driving long distances, it is important to take precautions to be safe.

Common Personal Injury Claim Mistakes

Personal injury claims are often difficult and complicated. But, still there are many people who choose to pursue their own claims. While it is true that making an injury claim all by yourself is possible, it must also be noted that not all types of injury claims can be handled without specialist help.

Claiming Compensation Following An Accident At Work

Getting involved in any kind of accident can be traumatic. But, accidents that occur at the workplace can be particularly upsetting because work tends to play a central role in most people’s lives.

Tips For Making A Work Injury Claim

More accidents happen at the workplace than anywhere else. In fact, it is estimated that almost 50% of the accidents happen at work. In some cases, employees find it difficult to put up a work injury claim against the employer.

Risk Assessments And Safety At The Workplace

A workplace hazard can be anything that has the potential to cause harm. It can be a chemical substance, method of work or even machinery. When carrying out risk assessments, it is important that employers note down the risks present at the workplace and then think about something that can be done to reduce the risks of hazards.

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