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To Claim Or Not To Claim? That Is The Question

Why do people avoid pursuing a compensation claim? Are they worried, feel guilt, feel ashamed, fear, feel they are doing something wrong or simply see it as pointless pursuing? Whatever the case, read this article before coming to any conclusion because we all have choices and Compare Compensation Claims presents you with these choices for you to make an informed decision.

Should I Sign A Release When Making An Accident Compensation Claim?

Did you have a serious injury accident and start an accident compensation claim on your own without an attorney and now find yourself in over your head? Find out here how you may be able to pull this out of the fire.

Photo Finish – Compensation

Photo finish to the end. See your compensation claim successfully to the end. Keeping documents, records, receipts, bills, statements and photographic evidence is vital for any compensation claim.

The Effects of Dislocated Joints

Joints connect two bones together to provide flexibility in a limb. Ligaments, which are stretchy but strong pieces of connective tissue, hold bones together. Without jointed limbs, people would not be able to move. Luckily, joints are quite sturdy.

Basic Facts About Maintenance and Cure Law You Must Know

Think you know maintenance and cure law and your rights? Here are three basic facts you must know to understand your maintenance and cure rights after a maritime injury.

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