Cop Recalls Arresting 6’5 300lb Guy with Samurai Sword

A Counterfeit Christmas – Why Cheap Goods Aren’t Worth It

We’re all making cuts in this time of austerity and we certainly feel the financial pinch the most around Christmas. But one thing shoppers shouldn’t resort to this Christmas is the purchase of counterfeit goods. If a desirable item has a suspiciously cheap price tag then it’s probably too good to be true.

Social Media and Your Injury Compensation Claim

With popular websites like Twitter and Facebook continually gaining in popularity, social media has taken the world by storm. This new form of communication has changed the way our society functions in countless ways; this includes the way personal injury lawsuits are tried and conducted in the court of law.

The Rehabilitation Code – Why Rehabilitation Is at the Heart of a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Insurers, solicitors and claimants alike, have all had to battle with the negative connotations associated with the personal injury compensation claim. Yet many claimants will be unaware that the justice system in England and Wales has worked hard to eliminate these misconceptions by shifting the focus back onto the legitimate purpose of making a claim; the well-being and recovery of the claimant.

When Do You Need Assistance From a Car or Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents do not just bring trauma and physical injuries but financial losses as well. If you got injured due to the negligence of a driver, consider getting the help of a car accident attorney.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS)

Any type of personal injury can be devastating in its own way. In many cases the reason for the injury was the fault of someone else, which you had very little or even no control over. With this comes pain, suffering, a lengthy recovery, a loss of income from not being able to work, mounting medical bills, and possibly permanent disabilities.

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