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What Is Mediation?

“Mediation” is an informal settlement conference. Mediation is usually held at the office of an independent third-party called a “mediator.”

Jury Duty – Part I of IV

Many people call me to seek advice about what to do if they are called for jury duty.  Likewise, I thought I would write a series regarding jury duty, starting from receipt of the notification all the way through the trial and verdict.

Jury Duty – Part II of IV

You have been summoned for jury duty and made it through the administrative stage. Now, you are seated in the courtroom awaiting jury selection.

Jury Duty – Part III of IV

Now the jurors are back in the hall and the attorneys are in the courtroom conferring with the judge about some of the responses from the panel members.  The judge will ask the bailiff to individually call one or more of the panel members back into the courtroom to further discuss the juror’s answers or comments during the voir dire process.

Common Injuries in the Workplace, and How to Avoid Them

No matter where you work, or what you do, there are some common workplace injuries that can happen quickly, without warning. An injury can take a worker off the job, resulting in lost income and decreased quality of life, and that same injury can cost an employer millions of pounds. Understanding common injuries that occur in the workplace and taking steps to prevent them can keep everyone – employee and employer alike – safe from harm.

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