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Involved In An Accident – Can I Claim?

If you unluckily suffered any kind of personal injury in a road accident, you are entitled to claim a compensation for the same provided you were not responsible for the accident. It does not matter whether you are the driver or the passenger. Anyone innocently involved in a road accident can go to the courts of law and file for a compensation. The following points will answer your question “Can I Claim?”

How to Obtain Compensation For a Whiplash Injury

The amount of people claiming for whiplash has increased in the last 6 years by 25 per cent, recent figures have also shown that traffic across the UK has also increased by 25 per cent. Reputable personal injury solicitors who specialise in accident compensation claims are more likely to recover the maximum compensation this victim is entitled too by law compared to an insurance company.

Who Are Wrongful Death Beneficiaries in Oregon?

In an Oregon wrongful death case, a dead person cannot bring a lawsuit. ORS 30.020 solves that problem. It is important to understand that there is no “natural right” to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Oregon. It can be brought only by following the statute carefully. A wrongful death claim is a claim that is for the benefit of certain “beneficiaries.” Exactly who those people are in Oregon is defined by the statute and discussed further in this article.

Maritime Law: The Impact of Serious Maritime Injury

One of today’s rapid growing industry was the Maritime Industry, this phenomenon was due to the increasing demands for the production from the said industry to sustain the growing needs of the society in the different part of the globe. Every maritime worker should know the risk they were engage and the legislations and law that protects them or the laws and sectors that handles the maritime issues and cases.

Restaurant Safety Hazards

No matter the quality or the cost of restaurant food, the people involved in owning and working in the restaurant industry are required to keep their food and their premises safe for clients. Tainted food can cause serious injuries, and failing to maintain floors, stairs, sidewalks, or porches can cause devastating accidents. Most people do not think about the fact that restaurants may not take care of their facilities or prepare food incorrectly, and therefore are unaware they may be at risk of injury when they open that door.

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