Brian Ross Investigates: Firefighters File Lawsuits Over ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Protective Gear

How Should You Handle a Car Crash?

Car accidents cause more than 2 million injuries each year. On top of that is the fact that it is also the cause of more than 30,000 deaths. This is the reason why it is seen as one of the most dangerous activities that we could engage in.

Work Accident Claims – What Employers Need To Know

Workplace accidents are on the rise, although there are stringent rules in place to prevent them from happening. Preventing workplace accidents is in the hands of the employers. Although the law doesn’t expect the employers to eliminate all the risks of accidents, they are required to take reasonable steps to minimise them.

Why Make A Work Accident Claim?

Work accidents can take place regardless of the type of job you do. However, they are very common in high risk industries such as construction sites and factories than in safe environments such as offices.

An Accident At Work: Can You Claim Compensation?

If you had an accident at work, there may be a number of things going on in your mind. You may be worried about your injury or the fact that you will not be able to return to work until you have made recovery.

Why Do Workplace Accidents Occur?

Accidents at work can happen at anytime and affect any worker. Although there are strict rules to prevent them, they still do occur. But, why do workplace accidents occur? What are some of the main causes of work accidents?

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