Brian Ross Investigates: Are Opioids MLB’s Next Drug Scandal?

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children and Babies

Head injuries can be a common injury for infants. If the victim does survive, their life may never be the same. A brain injury settlement case can end up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Litigation Costs in Personal Injury Cases

If you choose to hire a personal injury lawyer, your agreement will most likely provide for reimbursement for the actual costs and expenses advanced by your attorney in connection from your claim. Although these litigation costs are relatively manageable, some expenses can get quite high thereby effecting your net recovery in the event of a settlement. This article discusses some of the expenses that may be incurred in your injury case.

The Process of Selecting a Disability Lawyer

Being disapproved for social security disability can be devastating on a persons livelihood. When this happens, hiring a disability lawyer may be the best option in getting approved for social security benefits.

Legal Options for Slip and Fall Victims

Did you know that 2.2 million Americans seek emergency room care annually due to a slip and fall-related injury? And this number continues to rise with each passing year.

Car Accidents Involving Drivers With the Same Insurance

You are driving down the road when another driver runs a stop sign, hitting into the side of your vehicle. You check to see if the people in the other car okay, then call the police. While exchanging information with the other driver, you find out that they have the same car insurance carrier as you do, leading you to wonder: How do I file a claim if the other driver has the same insurer?

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