Arbitration Agreements for California Workers — “Are they enforceable?”

Lawsuit Damages

If you were involved in an accident because someone else’s negligence, you may be in the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit. One of the first things that will be discussed with the attorney is potential damages. In a lawsuit “damages” mean the amount of compensation you will be awarded if you are successful in winning your case. The two most common types of damages are compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Insurance Companies During an Injury Claim

Insurance companies have their own agenda when handling an injury claim. You should be prepared before you speak with an insurance adjustor about your accident. You should also consider hiring an attorney to handle your case.

What Exactly Are Personal Injury Claims?

The words personal injury solicitors and claims are ones we hear rather often but what exactly do they mean? And what should you do to make sure you can make a successful claim?

Claiming Benefits for Disability – Get in Early to Get What You Are Due

You have a medical condition and either it is bad now or just being realistic, you can see that it is heading that way. After all some conditions just don’t improve, they only get worse. It becomes a question of managing them with medication and making adjustments to your lifestyle so that you don’t aggravate them.

Injury in the Home: Compensation and Recovery

Millions of injuries happen in or around the home each year in the UK. Some of these injuries are relatively minor requiring only simple first aid, some require hospitalisation and on-going care, and a few very upsetting cases result in fatality. There’s no doubt about it, the home can sometimes prove to be a dangerous place.

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