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Personal Injury At Work Claims

Injured in an accident at work? Find out your rights now.

Claim for Your Personal Injury

Generally injury related to a person’s body, emotions or his mind, and not to property is called Personal injury according to law. It is a special kind of tort lawsuit, that is, it involves any wrong done to someone else illegally.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline in Chicago, Illinois’ First Municipal Division

After suit is filed inn Chicago, Illinois, clients often want to know how long the process will be. The First Municipal Division of Cook County has a very precise timeline for adjudicating personal injury matters filed with the clerk.

Guardrail Safety Statistics

A guardrail may be installed whenever a municipal or state government aims to protect drivers on a public road from running-off-road accidents. In legal terms, many agencies can even be held responsible if they do not install these protective barriers. These devices have shown throughout safety studies that the guardrails can sharply decrease the chance of fatal or injurious accidents due to vehicles driving off of the road.

Victims of Car Accidents

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing most of us will ever do. If you have been involved in a car accident or know someone who has been, get in touch with an attorney today.

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