Amber Heard Testifies She Kept Alleged Abuse a Secret to Protect Johnny Depp

Distracted Driving in NY Takes Deadly Bite Out of The Big Apple

By now, most of us realize that texting and driving do not mix. Yet, drivers who are distracted by various tech-toys remain a constant source of danger for commuters and pedestrians alike.

Car Accident Claim – The Correct Procedure to Follow

At some point in their lives most drivers will be involved in a car accident. This article looks at the correct procedure to follow immediately after an accident – especially if you intend to make an accident claim.

A Personal Injury Attorney Is A Must With Worker’s Compensation Cases

There are many types of injuries that you will need a personal injury attorney’s help with. When it comes to worker’s compensation cases, this is especially true. If you sustain a permanent injury while working then you need to have a personal injury attorney on your side.

Auto Accidents During Bad Weather

In conclusion it is a great idea to take extra precautions while driving during the winter in snow and ice conditions. Buy yourself a set of winter tires and try to avoid driving in serious weather conditions at all costs. Be cautious of other drivers and make sure you always have control of your vehicle.

Claim May Proceed To Trial For Person Who Slipped And Fell On Wet Lobby Floor

When a floor is wet and a visitor slips and falls, the owner of the premises may be liable to the injured party under a theory of negligence.  It is well established that owners and lessees have a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition.

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