Amber Heard Recalls How James Franco Reacted to Her Facial Injuries

Personal Injury Attorney: How to Find the Best Ones Available

If you think you have a case after being injured, it is time to find a good personal injury attorney to represent you. There are a few free ways to get started on your search, and most do not require you to even leave your computer.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1.4 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) annually. The majority of TBIs are classified as “mild” brain injuries. This term, however, is misleading, as the effects of these injuries are rarely “mild”.

Keep Summertime Swimming Safe

While a swimming pool is a great place for families and friends to have summertime fun, dangers can lurk beneath its surface. In Port Arthur, Texas, a man called the police when he found an unusual intruder swimming in his pool: a five-foot-long alligator. In addition to protecting your swimming pool from alligators, there are many other precautions you should take to ensure swimming pool safety.

The Online Personal Injury Claim Service Which Makes a Difference

  An online personal injury claim service represents a set of accounts provided by a firm via the Internet. The latter employs solicitors, lawyers or attorneys to help people get compensated for having been hurt without being their own fault. These people who have been wounded to the body, mind or emotions by a third party’s negligence, lack of attention, wrongdoing or recklessness are entitled to file a claim, which has great changes of being solved in their favour.

The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010

Koua Fong Lee spent three years in prison after he was convicted of vehicular homicide. According to Minnesota Public Radio, in 2006 Lee’s vehicle hit three other cars stopped at a red light, killing three people. As Lee’s position had always been that he tried to brake but that his 1996 Toyota Camry suddenly accelerated, Judge Joanne Smith granted Lee a new trial after hearing testimony from other Camry owners of similar experiences and other evidence. Prosecutors have announced that they will not seek a new trial.

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