Amber Heard Gives Johnny Depp a Knife That Says “Until Death” While in Fear For Her Life

Making an Accident Claim for the First Time? A Step-By-Step Guide

Accidents and injuries can cause massive disruption to anyone’s life. Perhaps you have already suffered an injury that could have been avoided if someone had been a little bit more careful, or had a bit more common sense. If so, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries that cause them discomfort or put them out of work, due to third-party negligence.

Vigilantes and Superheroes

I came across an interesting news story today that was just too good not to share. I’m actually disappointed I haven’t heard about this before. I was reading up on some legal news and I saw an intriguing link about crime fighting vigilantes in Seattle.

The Looming Government Shutdown

Congress has until midnight on March 5 to come up with some sort of continuing resolution to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. If this does not happen, the federal government will shut down. This means that public employees stop working and get no pay.

Why You Should Never Allow a Recorded Statement Without Your Injury Lawyer

The anxiety over recorded interviews is well founded. This is because anything you say during the interview can potentially be used against you in your legal suit. An individual who was injured through the negligence of another party needs to obtain legal representation in a prompt fashion.

Personal Injury Case Guidelines

The laws and regulations on auto accidents vary by the state, but they can generally be broken down into no fault and at-fault states. In about half of the states, the no fault system is in place – in these jurisdictions, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident or who was most at fault; each individual is responsible for his/her own loss.

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