Amber Heard Allegedly Threw Glass Bottle at Johnny Depp That Severed His Finger

Who Is Liable in a Workplace Accident?

Workplace accidents arise from many scenarios, ranging from falls from a ladder, to being crushed by equipment. Injuries may occur from inadequate safety audits, a co-worker’s negligence, defective equipment, or hazardous chemicals.

Why You Should Always Seek Help From Whiplash Solicitors

If you’ve considered the possibility of consulting with whiplash solicitors because you’ve either been involved in a car accident or had some other trip, fall or accident which has resulted in you suffering from either short term whiplash or longer term neck or spinal problems, what can you expect, and why is it so important to seek expert advice? Unfortunately every year thousands of people suffer from whiplash, and it can be a debilitating condition. In some cases whiplash may only last for a few hours or a few days, but in some cases it can last weeks or…

An Accident Injury Caused by A Defendant With No Means to Pay – What Are Your Options?

Often times Claimant’s of potential compensation claims for accident injuries can be faced with a situation where the person who was at fault is not insured for the situation in which the accident occurred and is of very limited means and so would not be able to afford to satisfy any court award of damages. The burning question is what are a Claimant’s option is such a situation.

Accident Attorneys And The Part They Play In Your Life

Accidents are always unforeseen. That is why they are called accidents. They can be fatal, or leave you physically impaired for the rest of your life. Sometimes it may take a toll on your psyche. You may have to struggle to come out from the trauma after you meet an accident.

No Win No Fee – Is No Win No Fee Really Free?

When you hear the policy no win no fee from your solicitor, this means that he or she will not bill you unless the lawyer’s claims triumph for your case. If the solicitor loses the cases, you do not have to pay them any fee. However you have to ensure that you have a contract specifically stating that you’re in a no win no fee policy.

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